The Membership Application form is now available by clicking the following link. WCCL Membership Application PDF  To print, click the print icon in the upper right hand corner and fill it out and mail to us, or bring to the club on Tuesday or Saturday mornings. Mailing address is: WCCL, 01521 Ney-Wms Ctr Rd, Bryan, OH 43506. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will mail you a receipt. If you need help e-mail  As a NEW OPTION- follow this link New Online Application for an application you can type into and fill online. You may then submit the form directly to us online, and send us a check, or print and mail the form. You may also print your copy for your records.




Membership Information

                                            Single      Family           Sr. Family 65 and over   Lifetime

Conservation League             $30          $35                              $30                   $350

Affilliate Clubs

Rifle/ Pistol                          $20          $30

Bowhunters                           $20          $30

Gun Club                               $20          $30

Membership runs annually from Oct. 1 – Sept. 30 and can be purchased at:

  • Conservation League Building , Tuesdays and Saturdays 9 to noon


  • Outdoor Supply

6782 US Hwy 127

Pulaski, OH


  • Stanley’s Guns & Ammo

803 W. Jackson St

West Unity, OH


  • Rowe’s Recreation

307 W.  Main St.

Montpelier, OH


  • You may pick up memberships Tuesdays and Saturdays at the club from 8:30 to noon.

The Williams County Conservation League and Affiliated Clubs (Rifle & Pistol, Bowhunters and Gun Club) are separate organizations that work together to maintain this facility and support events and programs that teach developmental skills to acquire the abilities necessary to hunt, fish, trap, or shoot safely, accurately and successfully.  Each Affiliated Club has facilities on the Conservation League Property (see map) and conducts its activities and business here.  Each Club has been an asset to the Conservation League by virtue of the facilities and activities it provides.  The Conservation League and Affiliated Clubs each realize that collectively they can have facilities that none could afford alone.

A current membership in the Conservation League permits you to attend Conservation League meetings, activities and to have a voice in its management and policies.  In addition a member may use any of the Club’s facilities at any time they are not in use.  For example:  You may fish the ponds, winter and summer, and an Ohio fishing license is not required. Please note that bass are catch and release only.

Conservation League Members who use an Affiliated Club’s facilities are strongly encouraged to join that Club.  One can only be a member of an Affiliated Club if they are a member of the Conservation League.

In addition to providing access to this unique facility, your membership dues help support youth programs, activities and education as well as wildlife conservation. Thank you for supporting the Conservation League and Affiliated Clubs.