We have nearly 80 acres that make up the league.

In 1941 the league purchased the original 40 acres that started the “Conservation Farm” that we now call home. 

Several years later, another 30 acres were purchased from Charles Stroble and added to the north of the farm property. 

In 2000, the Williams County Gun Club added another 6 ½ acres to the farm with a purchase from Jody and Janice Montgomery to the west. 

There have been many changes to the farm over the years. The local Lions Club built the original cabin on the hill. In the 50’s, the kitchen and bathrooms were added on to the east side of the original cabin. In the early 60’s, the Rifle and Pistol Club added a 50 foot smallbore rifle and pistol range with an outside porch onto the west side of the original cabin. In the mid 90’s, the outside porch was enclosed to provide storage and space to open the range up to more shooting. Buildings and projects happen, as the clubs needs change and grow. 

The league has had many supporters and help over the years to grow to where it is today. Many organizations have made the league their home. The Williams County Gun Club has brought Trap and Skeet shooting to the farm and shoot on a regular schedule. The Williams County Rifle and Pistol Club has brought many people and members to the league and shoot weekly. The Williams County Bowhunters came to the league after the Williams County Archers left and have brought to the league many new faces and shoot throughout the year too. We were home to the Williams County Coon Hunters for many years before they purchased property down the road. Our pines were planted many years ago as a Boy Scout project; they now stand quite high on the farm. We have hosted many Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Youth shooting and fishing events over the years and plan on continuing the tradition. 

In 1993, all of the satellite groups that made the league their home came together under the umbrella of the league and became the Williams County Conservation League that we have today. They are the cores of our continuation. As with many organizations, participation in the league changes with new people and ideas and we plan on being around for a long time. 

We have 3 ponds for fishing on the farm. The first pond is the pond that the cabin overlooks and is shown in the picture on the web site. This pond is 5 acres in size and deep enough to have some nice fish. The second pond is a small pond of about ½ acre and has some pan fish and muskrats in it. Our third pond covers about 3 acres and even though it is showing signs of age, it has produced some nice fish. We have several walking trails for our members to enjoy around the farm. We have a 200-yard outdoor rifle and pistol range. We have 4 trapshooting fields with 1 field a combination trap and skeet field. We have a nice outdoor archery range for our members to use too. 

The farm has had many projects through out its history. We used to raise and release pheasants on the grounds and we are still remembered for our deer pen that we used to keep. For many years we raised some beautiful deer here at the farm, but as with all things, times change and we no longer propagate animals on the farm. 

On December 29th 2006 a tragedy struck our little farm. The cabin was destroyed by fire. The original structure was built as a log cabin and the kitchen and bathrooms were totally destroyed and the range suffered a great deal of damage. There are pictures of the cabin and grounds posted on this site.  Through much hard work of the members and many very generous donations, we have built a new clubhouse.  The WCCL and the affilliate clubs now have a home again, and we’re back to business as usual at a much improved site!